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Your Water Habit Sucks! (And what to do about it)

28 Mar Your Water Habit Sucks! (And what to do about it)

You feel tired, mentally foggy… and hungry. It’s already 10 at night.

You’re thinking to yourself – I’ve finished dinner at 7pm, why am I still feeling hungry? And it was a heavy dinner.

Did you know, dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger?

I’ve made this mistake so many times and on one strange day, it dawned upon me to buy  a bottle of water instead of cup noodles on my way back home after work at 10pm.

It was the best decision I ever made that night! Seriously!

I could have hydrated my body instead of feeding more crap to my already lethargic body for the past years. Sorry poor body!

Ever wish you could sustain weight loss? Then, water is your bestfriend.

It really does fill you up and may reduce the chance of you overeating. I recommend to drink water or herbal tea at least half an hour before meal (NOT while eating. There is a big difference because the latter is going to dilute your digestive power).

I’m a swop kind of girl and I like working around with what I already have instead of drastically changing things up or cruelly taking away pleasures in life. Because I know I’ll rebel.

I’ve heard so many excuses for why people don’t drink water more often, myself included. Here are 3 most common excuses and what to do about it:


Excuse #1: I forget to drink

Swop key: So do I, especially when I don’t have my water bottle or mug at my desk. Try this, place your drinking ware at a place where you can see it. You might also write a sticky note or set hourly alarm to stand up from the desk to do some light stretches and drink up. Or after you’ve been to the washroom as a memory trigger. Soon, you’ll remember to drink your water habitually.






Excuse #2: I don’t like the taste of water

Swop key: Who says you need to drink it plain? Jazz it up! Flavour the water with lemon, lime or cucumber. Check out how I prepare this for my colleagues in my free e-book . I like throwing in some chia seeds ( packed with omega-3 and protein and they don’t taste much). What about herbal-infused tea like chamomile, ginger, peppermint? It’s caffeine-free!







Excuse #3: I don’t get thirsty

Swop key: That doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t need water. Mild dehydration drains energy and fogs thinking. Your pee can tell you A LOT about your health. If you’re drinking enough water (and not taking B vitamins) – your pee will be super light yellow- this is what you want.

Test it out! Check the colour of you pee mid day.  In the morning, it’ll always be darker.

Honey-Coloured Pee: Time to drink up.

Foamy Pee: Could signal protein in your urine or kidney issues.

Red Pee: Could signal blood in your urine. Remember some foods such as beets can change your urine colour too.

Here’s a complete infographic if you want to dive deeper!

Just last week, I attended an incredible therapeutic yin yoga immersion and the very first thing teacher Victor emphasized was drinking ONLY HOT OR WARM WATER. Yes, even in hot weather. The hotter the weather, the hotter your beverage should be (You should see the look on everyone’s face who was drinking iced coffee!)

Cold water is out of the topic. Even room temperature was out of the question because it was considered ‘cold’ relative to our body.

I truly resonate with this because for many months, I’ve been drinking water the first thing I wake up (because papa said so) but didn’t quite like the bland, foreign taste. But when I changed to lukewarm water, my palatability drastically change and I remember feeling “Aahhh, this feels like home to my body”.


Do you ever feel the same way and I’m curious – What’s your morning routine like to hydrate the body? Coffee doesn’t count, yo!

If you haven’t had the habit of drinking water the first thing in the morning to get rid of the toxin accumulated overnight, when will you be doing it?


Bottoms up & Cheers,

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