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Your No-Nonsense Guide To Calcium

10 Jul Your No-Nonsense Guide To Calcium

I’m curious – how do you get your calcium?

Is this the first thing that comes to your mind?

Milk (2)

Better drink more milk to have strong bones.

I don’t blame you for thinking about milk.

After all, this is what we’ve always heard from our parents and learnt in school that we need to drink milk otherwise we’ll have fractures and broken bones.

If this is true, then…

Why do countries which consume the most cow’s milk and its products have also the highest rates of fractures?





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Something is amiss here, right?

No doubt, dairy products are rich in calcium and the dairy industry will definitely support your effort to drink more milk.

Here’s the real problem…


Nature has designed in such a way that a cow drinks cow’s milk when it’s a baby until it’s weaned off.

Likewise when we are babies, nature has designed that human breast milk is the perfect formula for babies (there may be a good reason why most babies can’t digest cow’s milk)


We, humans insist on drinking milk in adulthood and drinking other mammals’ milk!

Seriously stop and think about this for a moment.

Why do we do that? Are we swayed by the dairy industry?

As Dr Campbell, author of the famous book The China Study (one of the most convincing evidence studying the relationship of diet and disease) mentions that animal protein, unlike plant protein increases acid load in the body.

Which in turn, the body neutralises the acidity by using calcium as a base.

Where does the calcium come from?

It’s being pulled out from bones, putting us at risk of fracture.

Worse, we’re having skim milk (man-made food, no such thing in nature of a skim milk. Fat in milk is there for a reason), eating calcium-fortified breads.

Not exactly your whole, real foods, right?

What’s more with the madness is that we’re drinking so much coffee (not talking about your average 1-2 cups) and fizzy drinks which LEECHES calcium from our bodies.

Alright, so what now –

Where will I get calcium if it’s not from dairy?


Let’s think, where do cows get their calcium?

…..GRASS! Lots of green, leafy chlorophyll called grass.

It’s a no wonder why green leafy vegetables is packed with calcium.

Check out this handy cheat sheet for more non-dairy sources of calcium:

Sources of Calcium_Other Than Milk

Lest we get too obsessed with calcium foods, don’t forget – healthy bones also come from moving your body!

Run, yoga, dance, swim, walk- do whatever you like.

You don’t have to be a triathlete or a runner.

Just get outside, soak up the Vitamin D love from the sun to increase calcium absorption from food.

Remember, 5 minutes of moving is better than not moving at all.


Cheers to your ‘calcium’ health,

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