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Your ‘Inner Inflammation’

30 May Your ‘Inner Inflammation’

Remember the last time you had a sprained ankle or a wound?

You feel the pain and it hurts.

That is inflammation, the body’s natural response to injury.

Better known as, ACUTE inflammation.

The kind of inflammation that we’re talking about today is very different.

Almost invisible.

Majority of people are walking with this kind of inflammation 24/7 and they don’t even know it.

How can this BE?

It is the hottest topics in health research right now.

I’m referring to the CHRONIC, low level of inflammation.

This silent inflammation irritates and causes damage to cells and tissue, slowly eroding your health over the course as it exists largely below our pain threshold.

And when this occurs repeatedly over time, it can lead to all kinds of imbalances and major chronic diseases – diabetes, dementia, heart disease, aging and more.

You may also be experiencing it already –  pain in the muscles (fibromyalgia) and joints (arthritis).

Just like people who can see and feel sunburn, it is external but somehow we don’t make that connection with fast food burgers, processed snacks causing inflammation in our inner bodies.

Where you might wonder do you see this ‘silent inflammation’?

It’s pretty obvious.

Women with fat belly and stretch marks,front Side

Yup, right there!

The fat around belly is the inflammatory kind of fats.

Imagine the fat cells as factory churning out inflammatory protein called cytokine, promoting even more inflammation, making us sicker.

Now do you know why it’s so hard to lose the belly fat or wonder why your weight-loss effort hit a plateau?

Don’t get me wrong, some inflammation is good.

It is one of the ways immune system helps us heal by repairing damaged tissue.

But when inflammation goes out of control or unchecked, things go awry.

Causes of inner inflammation


Think about the things that are contributing to this constant, low inflammation in the body.

  • Chronic stress: Did that surprise you?
  • Terribly dietary choices: Sugary drinks, processed foods, cookies, wheat flour, high doses of wrong oils, trans fat
  • Hidden food allergens: gluten, dairy, soy, eggs


There are plenty causes but the NO.1 BIGGEST INFLAMMATORY CAUSE is


Eating hidden forms of refined carbs, sugar.


Simple biology: Refined carbohydrate rapidly breaks down into sugar.

Intake of high sugar spikes insulin level.

And insulin is your ‘fat storage’ hormone.

In other words, high insulin level causes high amount of fat storage.

Almost everybody can relate to eating too much bread and feeling fatter the next morning. That is inflammation going on.

Cooking OilYou know those beautiful, transparent, yellow plastic bottles of oils you see in the supermarket? 

Terrible! Highly processed, refined oils.

And most likely rancid.

Because who knows how long they have been sitting on the shelf, exposed to light causing oxidation?

We’re talking about polyunsaturated fats (high in Omega-6 pro-inflammatory) like canola, corn, sunflower, safflower oil.

Let me get this clear, omega-6 is not bad. We still need this fatty acid to make our hormones.

The problem is that the balance is way off that we’re consuming too much omega-6 while our omega-3 (anti-inflammatory) intake is too little.

Dr Susan Blum, who specializes on personalized nutrition says it best with the rule of tacks:

If you’re sitting on a tack, the answer is not to take an aspirin for pain.
The answer is to find that tack and remove it.
It’s the tack that is causing inflammation.
Figure out what’s causing your inner inflammation?
Always go food first.

When I first learnt  at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I studied for the past year, I was incredibly intrigued by Dr Barry Sears’ work on Anti-inflammatory Health.

Feeling fed-up with my recurring problems of acne and eczema, which are in essence inflammation going on, I wanted to know how to cure myself once and for all.

Don’t just believe what I’m saying- notice it yourself: What’s currently inflamed in your body?

We’ll talk about how to cool your ‘inner inflammation’  next week!


Talk soon,

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