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Why Your Gut Bacteria Is So Important And How To Heal On The Inside

30 Oct Why Your Gut Bacteria Is So Important And How To Heal On The Inside

Imagine the breakfast you just ate have passed through your mouth, stomach and small intestine…

Eggs Benedict dish consisting of poached eggs and sliced ham on toasted English muffins, covered with hollandaise sauce against a dark background.

…Where is it heading to next?

Large intestines


medically accurate illustration of the colon


Aside from its main function of absorbing water and excreting waste, trillions of bacteria weighing 3-4 kg make their home inside us – guess where?

Large intestines


So, every time you weigh yourself remember that part of the weight goes to these little guys- the gut flora (bacteria in the intestine).

Illustration about Gut Bacteria on old Paper

Your healthy gut flora has many important functions – aids with digestion, crowds out bad bacteria, maintains healthy immune system, produces Vitamin B and K, short chain fatty acid-butyrate to reduce inflammation and risk of colon cancer.


They can also be your enemies when you’ve more harmful bacteria in the gut causing inflammation, candida, autoimmune disease, depression and allergies.

So think of it as a SYMBIOTIC LIVING.

Friendship - two teddy bears holding in one's arms.

Good bugs need YOU to feed them right.

And YOU need good bugs to maintain good health.

Our current diet of highly refined and processed food leaves nothing for the good bugs to ferment.

This results in dysbiosis, an imbalance of gut flora, which increases our susceptibility to colon cancer and anti-inflammatory disease.

That’s why our mom was right about eating fibre.

Because when we don’t eat enough fibre (read: plants), we’re starving out the good bugs.

Healthy stir fried vegetables in the pan and ingredients close up

You know, it’s like tending to a garden of flowers.

You want the best soil and nutrients for them, right?




1. EAT PREBIOTIC food– Think high fibre food (eg spinach, kai lan, asparagus) and resistant starch (eg rice and potatoes, cooked and then cooled) because these are food for bacteria!

And you’re encouraging the growth of friendly bacteria.

Isn’t it amazing how much of our eating habits are under your control?


2. REPOPULATE friendly bacteria – Eat fermented food such as kimchi, achar, organic yoghurt, miso or probiotic supplements such as VivomixxPlease do your research as most probiotics are not regulated or tested for safety or efficacy.

Think traditional food because in the olden days this was the way to preserve food without a fridge. Our ancestors were brilliant!

These probiotic powerhouses increase level of good bacteria in your gut providing you a balance of healthy microbiome.

A little goes a long way!

Now pass me that kimchi. Need some friendly bacteria on the plate.


3. STAY AWAY from antibiotics (unless it’s life threatening condition), NSAIDS (pain-killer that damages the gut lining in the long term) , refined sugar and processed food (associated with leaky gut and yeast overgrowth especially with sugary foods).

Because all these can contribute to gut dysbiosis which in the long term, indirectly leads to inflammation, chronic diseases, proliferation of cancer, depression etc.


It may take you several months to recalibrate your system before you see meaningful results.

Your microbiome wasn’t built in a day.

So, I’m encouraging you to stick with it and let the good bacteria perform its magic!

As always, I appreciate comments, suggestions and your experience on implementing the practical stuff! I read every email sent to info@veronicatoh.com

See you there!


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