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What’s the Best Diet to Follow?

10 Apr What’s the Best Diet to Follow?

As exaggerated as it sounds, if there’s one book that changed my life and got me incredibly absorbed into the field nutrition.

It is this.

This book provoked my thinking on how to approach the basic aspect of food and preservation of life.


The China Study by Dr Colin and Thomas Campbell challenges a lot of assumptions on diet that we are currently on. 

With the sheer amount of evidence it presents, the study provoked thoughts about how and why diseases like cancer, obesity, Type-2 Diabetes, heart diseases seemed so rampant in this day and age.

If you’re too lazy to lift the book, check out this neat summary cheatsheet from wellandgood.com.

Like all nutrition books, there are bound to be critiques, I thought Denise Minger’s analysis were stimulating, please read the follow up under disclaimer too.

Getting more confused?

Me too, after reading so many literature studies, nutrition books- you start to throw your hand in the air and wonder what else can you actually eat? 

And previously, I pointed fingers at genetics as the main contributor to these diseases. 

Until I heard this quote–

Genes load the gun. Lifestyle pulls the trigger


That hit me hard!

So much truth in that, if you think about it.

It’s sad to know at least one person in your circle of family or friends who has passed on because of cancer.

It sadder to think that perhaps these diseases are actually PREVENTABLE.

Now, you’re probably thinking which diet should you follow?

Vegan? Vegetarian? Paleo? Raw food? Mediterranean diet? Atkins diet? Gluten-free?

For me, it’s simple – finding that common ground of these so called ‘diets’.

That’s why the biggest take away lesson from The China Study, functional medicines doctors like Dr Furhman, Dr Hyman, Dr Greger and the extensive scientific evidence show that plant-based whole food eating contributes to prevention and reversing modern living disease.


The more I research, the more I’m convinced that veggies are magical stuff. That’s the best diet known by far. 

So mum is right when she says ”Eat your veggies”. 

It may look as if I’m cherry-picking, just look at the literatures here, here, here, here and you’ll see what I mean (US datas though!).

Look, I have nothing against eating meat, don’t get me wrong. That’s how our ancestors survived in the paleolithic age.

In today’s context, my biggest worry is the hormones, antibiotics and pesticides injected to these factory farmed animals.

Looking at chickens squished into tiny cages freak me out!

I don’t want to be feeding my body those stuff.

And I don’t think you want that either!

This certainly brings up a whole host of thoughts about the food we eat, isn’t it?

Even when eating meat, I take it as a condiment, instead as a main.

So for now, unless I know it’s kampung chicken, I’m happy with leaning towards a plant-based diet.

I’m not talking about living off vegetarian pizza and french fries.

It’s about eating whole, real food.

Like committing to one green smoothie a day in recipes like this, this or this.

Just one. Consistently.

Slowly and surely, you’re on the journey of kick-ass health! 




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