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The Biggest Mistake in Smoothie

31 Jan The Biggest Mistake in Smoothie

Have you bought a green smoothie before?

Or perhaps blended one yourself?

I love the idea of drinking one green smoothie a day.

Because it’s like having a salad.

Think of it as getting protection for your health like



It ensures you receive your daily recommendation of veggies and fruits filled with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals – those goodness for your body to heal, thrive and protect against diseases. 

Fruits are amazing.

Aand we love them because they are sweet.




I’ve observed in blending a smoothie is that they use way too many fruits, resulting in a glass of diabetes-induced smoothie.

Some fruits contains high sugar content for instance banana, mangoes, grapes which can affect people in different ways.

So, go easy on those, alright?

Depending on the fruits used, my rule of thumb for ratio of fruits to veggies in all my recipes ranges from 2:1 to 1:1.

If you’re a beginner I’ll encourage you to go for the 2:1 ratio and with time, you’re able to ease into 1:1 ratio.

Who knows, you might jump to the advanced level of 1:2 ratio where you’re eating double portion of veggies!

Of course, the more veggies, the ‘greener’ the taste and frankly, it put me off the first time round.

My taste buds weren’t used to it.

So I had to start from beginner and work my way up.

Another tip I love to give is to choose spinach as your green base when you’re first starting out.

It’s almost tasteless so you won’t taste any strong ‘greens’ and the sweetness of fruit will cover it up.

Here’s the cheat sheet of the ratio guide:


You’ll feel so amazing that you’ll keep coming back for more.

It’s your turn.

Cheering you on!


Happy blending,

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