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Stop your Crazy Cravings Today!

11 Apr Stop your Crazy Cravings Today!


Let’s be honest!

Are you secretly afraid of your crazy cravings for chocolate or chips that seem uncontrollable at night?

If you’ve tried drinking water but still dream about M&M’s, chocolate chip cookies or Pringles, what do you do then?

Forget everything you’ve heard about using your willpower to resist the junk food!

If you sincerely want to conquer your cravings once and for all, you’ll love today’s episode and it’s super easy to do. I promise!

We’re tackling a question from a reader, Janet.

She asked, ” I can’t seem to stop snacking at night. When I see it in my house, I’ll eat them without thinking twice. Sometimes, going through a bag of chips or several rounds of ice-cream. I tried everything to stop but I can’t. This is happening almost everyday. Please help!

I hear your frustrations, Janet. My night time cravings are the worst and these are my top 3 tips and more that helped me and I hope it helps you.


#1 Brushing Your Teeth One of the simplest trick I learnt from observing my ex-housemate. Brushing your teeth after dinner is the easiest way to trick your taste buds that you’ve got something sweet (spearmint taste) without actually eating anything! It also signals that you’re done for the day and ready to rest, no more eating!


#2 Junk out This is a dramatic one for me but ever since I made a rule that no chips should land in the house, I hardly touched or had to use my already wilted willpower at night to resist any! If you bring junk food in the house, you make it 10 times harder to resist. When you’re exhausted or stressed, the first thing you go for is that bag of cookies or chips. Your willpower will not last. So cut the junk out, so you won’t be tempted. Period. Works like magic!

shutterstock_329518520#3 Drink Herbal Tea If you still can’t shake off the habit of hand to mouth action, this is a brilliant strategy to combat that ‘itchy mouth syndrome’ of wanting to eat something. It’s warm, comforting and takes away cravings. My all-time favourites are peppermint, ginger and chamomile, throwing in some chia seeds or goji berries if I want to nibble on something.



MORE TIPS: Your Eating Habits Affair-REVEALED!


Are you eating enough protein and fat at each meal?

Are you eating enough fiber-rich fruits and veggies each day?

Cravings, which are quite common are the body’s way of saying, “Hey, it’s been awhile since we last ate.”

You’re genuinely hungry if you didn’t eat enough or that meal didn’t contain enough fat and protein, which stimulate the feeling of fullness that lasts typically longer than a meal that is carbohydrate based.

You’ll agree with me that most of the time, however, cravings begin in your head when mind is idle. Emotions play a big part of cravings. What you may be experiencing is stress, boredom or loneliness. Or perhaps you’re habitually used to eating what you want at night.

I encourage you to discover the emotion that lies beyond your ‘cravings’. Simply knowing you’re not truly hungry, but rather it stems from the feelings of being

Bored (Read a book or listen to music instead)

Angry (Take a stroll or let it out in your journal instead)

Lonely (Call a friend, make plans for movie or simply hang out instead)

Stressed (Take up exercise class, yoga, facial, manicure or massage instead)

Tired (Take shower and catch up on sleep instead)

can make a dramatic shift in ditching what you thought are food cravings! In fact, if you’ve been under so much stress lately and think that you deserve a little reward. Think again- food is not a reward. I repeat Food is not a reward. Because ‘rewarding’ yourself with food may add to your stress the next time you try to squeeze into your favourite jeans or dress.

Your turn! Pick one tip and START TODAY.

So if you’re thinking, “Maybe I should,” please do!


Because you’ll be glad you did.

Have more burning questions? Ask me! I’m an email away via and I’ll get back to you as humanly quick as possible.




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