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A Gift For You!


Ready to Rock a Healthier Lifestyle?


No Cleanse.

No Diets.

No Detox.


Here’s 6 Delectable Green Smoothie Recipes to get you Kick-started!

(Even if you hate veggies!)

Hello! It’s me, Veronica.

I’ve gotta share a secret with you. I may be a health coach now, but that wasn’t always the case.

I mean, I was the girl who drank Milo (sugar laden cocoa beverage) every day because that was my go to hot drink in the morning since school years. I ate McDonalds because it’s in my face at every corner I turn. And pastries taste so good- especially the savoury ones. Maggie mee for supper. My all time favourite? Nasi Lemak.

I didn’t quite think that food had THAT MUCH of an impact to the health issues that I was facing, in particular acne and feelings of bloatedness. You may be surprised, I had belly fat. Yup, this kind of skinny fat is more dangerous than being fat fat. And I had been blaming them entirely on hormones and not being blessed by good genes.

Fast forward, armed with a degree in Pharmacy, certificate in Integrative Nutrition, certified Yoga teacher, experience, research and studies and a couple of clients, I help busy people make simple tweaks to diet that clear up skin issues, in particular acne and aging as well as busy professionals who are looking for ways to increase energy and reduce stress through food and lifestyle choices that support them.

Weight loss is the side effect of the gradual shifts incorporating long lasting good habits and lifestyle.

Change is not easy.

Knowing what to do is one thing.

Implementing it is a whole other matter.

This is where I come in. I’d love to support you.

Sign up for my free cleanse cheat sheet to find out how & to get more updates from me!

Sign up for my free cleanse cheat sheet to find out how & to get more updates from me!