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How to Save More Money [Part 2]

23 Oct How to Save More Money [Part 2]

So. you want to save more money.

Because you’re eyeing to buy that shoes/bag/clothes/[insert your heart’s desires here] over the holiday sales period.

Me too!

Always big on eating well, cost is one thing that I’m highly conscious about.

At the same time, I know that investing in quality food and eating nutritiously is crucial because it will save me from expensive medical bills down the road.

Either way, I’m continuously looking for that balance.

Previously, I’ve shared  3 Ultimate Money Saving Tips that I personally use over and over again. You can check it out here.  

And here are 12 MORE WAYS to budget healthy eating and to stretch that dollar

Let’s roll:

# 1 Buy in bulk– One time where organic blueberries were on sale and I wiped off the remaining shelf (yes! All 10 punnets). This strategy is excellent for stocking up whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes where you can bargain for better prices. However, this doesn’t apply if you don’t use them as often or cannot finish them because you’ll just be wasting your money.

# 2 Freeze – Thank goodness for freezers! By now you should know that all my overripe bananas and blueberries on sale go in there.  And they make smoothie extra delicious and creamy! Freezing leftovers is also an important way to reduce food waste and a good option for super busy days.

# 3 Buy online iHERB  – My favourite place to shop for chia seeds, hemp seeds, turmeric powder,  hibiscus tea because they are cheaper than in-store.  Introduced by my bestie, this place carries a wide variety of health and beauty brands.

# 4 Get local/neighbouring country veggies – Support house brands in Singapore like Pasar. I love their current organic or hydroponic version!

# 5 Don’t shop when you’re hungry – Chances are you’ll be into impulse buying mode. I always make it a point to eat first before any grocery shopping.

#  6 Buy organic or not?  – Especially for produce from USA, use the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen  lists available at to guide you. For instance, I hardly buy organic avocadoes, while for strawberries, organic is preferred.

# 7 Save Starbucks for special occasions – Opt for kopitiam style. Or even better, make your own morning coffee!

# 8 BYO lunch – You’ll be able to save at least $8 especially working in CBD area. Cook extra the night before and pack it away for next day’s lunch.

# 9 Skip the drinks – while eating. It easily adds up to your cost and it’s not great for digestion anyway because you’re diluting your gastric juices. If you really need a drink, opt for free water or better still, BYO! Squeeze some lemon if you feel fancy. Slow sips.

# 10 Meal planning – Staying organized by planning your meals. This takes effort but it is incredibly REWARDING. You know exactly what you’ll be eating, whether your dollar goes on real or junk food. Also, you don’t have to crack your head what to eat for the next meal. Alternatively, write in a food diary like this and keep track on the amount you’re spending. This will enable you to track your spending habits and thus, allowing you to budget better in the future.  Vote with your dollar!

# 11 Frozen vegetables – Don’t shy away from them. They are as nutritious if not, more! 

# 12 Mark down items – Usually happens when they are close to expiry dates. I’ve bought many marked down salads and they are fine to eat for the next 3 days. Though, please look at the condition of the item or manufacturing date. Use common sense and don’t get yourself into food poisoning.


There you go – no excuse!

Healthy eating on a budget IS possible.

All it takes is some creativity and planning.

In time, you’ll be glad to hone your budgeting skills and eat healthier food too. 

Now, that’s a smart strategy indeed.



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