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veronica toh
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Made With Love: Deep Breathing

08 May Made With Love: Deep Breathing

Here’s the deal.

You know that you need to dial down your stress and connect with yourself after a hectic day’s work.

You turn to your favourite K-drama, TVB or sitcoms (My fav-The Big Bang Theory!) for entertainment. But how often do you remember to breathe or if you’re like me, do you tend to hold your breath?

You see, breathing is normally viewed as a reaction, something that happens unconsciously.

Imagine you’re hit by a car while crossing the street, heart is racing, body tenses up, how’s your breath? Short and shallow. Imagine a different scenario – you’re on a beach, sipping on a lemonade on a Tuesday afternoon, half way through your vacation. How is your breath now? It’s deep and full down into abdomen, totally relaxed.

What if we flip the coin – we can control our emotional state by controlling our breath.

If you’re wondering, what does relaxation through breath work have to do with nourishing yourself?


I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, a green smoothie or watching The Big Bang Theory doesn’t always solve the problem.

When you sit and close your eyes, with nothing to achieve and nothing to do apart from concentrate on your breathing, you may hate it at first; you may struggle with the silence and stillness.

Personally, I can relate to those challenges. That’s why I keep my practice really simple-

Be in the present moment.

Easier said than done?

One of the ways our minds sabotage us and keep us from making healthy changes is by pulling us away from the present moment to a place where we project made-up fears onto our current situation.

When we want to start eating foods that are healthy, our minds will take us into the future and tell us that it won’t be enjoyable there.

So we give up, and go back to foods that are familiar.

If you were to sit down and mindfully eat beautifully packed salad, you’d be focused on how amazing the subtle flavours.

But if you were eating the salad at the same time thinking about the chicken you ate a while ago or dreaming about eating pizza, you’d hate every bite of that salad.

The same goes for meditation.

Our minds fool us into thinking about how long we have to sit still for, we instantly think we’re bored and become inclined to busy ourselves with tasks. When we stay present, concentrating on our breathing, it’s quite easy to do so.

In fact, I enjoyed creating and designing this free guided relaxation for you (a first!) if you’d like to practice along with me.

Click on the image to download.


No matter day or night, hope this helps you find the inner peace and calm in you. You can use this whenever you feel stressed out or when you wanna get into the zen mode.

Thanks so much for listening and sharing with love and enthusiasm!

Remember to take awesome care of yourself because health will take you further into creating your dreams in this world and making a difference to those you love. You can do this!


Peace & Present,

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