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How to Stay on Track when Life gets Busy

16 Jan How to Stay on Track when Life gets Busy

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

Not now, this Sunday is a better time to go to the gym.

I’ll start green smoothie next week.

Or maybe next, NEXT Sunday after the holidays

You know, there will always, ALWAYS be potential challenges, difficulties along your way.

And while driving through the road of life, sometimes our initial intention of prioritizing health and wellness gets thrown out of the window which makes you feel like quitting it all.

These aren’t failures- they’re just part of the natural rhythm of life.

And I’ve the solution.

In fact, TWO approaches for you to pick (or BOTH!), whichever suits your style of following through a consistent manner.

I personally use both.

#A – Knowing your WHY.


Because your WHY will give you the extra push you need when you feel drained, or aren’t seeing the results you want.

And this is one of my examples-

Why drink green smoothie?

So that I get the essential nutrients for body to stay healthy.

Why stay healthy?

So that I don’t fall sick easily and prevent chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol.

Why prevent chronic disease?

I hate eating bags of medicines, staying at the hospital, paying for doctors when I can use the money to travel.

Why travel?

It’s my dream to explore the world because life is more meaningful that way.


You get the idea?…And the more ‘whys’ you drill, the more personal you get.


#B – SIMPLE goal everyday.


…that you’ll be super embarrassed NOT doing it.

The key is consistency.

For instance-

One push up.

Laying your running attire beside your bed.

Placing your blender on your kitchen top.


Chances are, you’ll do more than one push-up (this is something I trick myself in doing because I hated doing push-up so much!), do that running and blend up that green smoothie.

Make goals so small that it’s almost embarrassing to say it out loud for aiming such a puny goal.

And WHY this trick is SO AWESOME

1) because you get started with the process.

2) because by having the momentum, you’re actually wiring new connections in the brain on what to do next, how you’re doing it and it gets easier the next time round because you can achieve it.


But you know what?

Don’t believe me just yet.

Go forth and test it out yourself.

And remember, even if you’ve fallen out of track, it’s only temporary.

Dig into this as a resource, read again once or as many times you need to get you back on track.


So don’t quit just yet.


I’ve got your back,



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