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How to Sleep Like A Baby – And Lose Weight!

16 Feb How to Sleep Like A Baby – And Lose Weight!

It’s already super late at night.

Perhaps you’ve just put your kids to bed. Or you’ve just ended a late night conference call.

You should be sleeping soundly by this time.

But you’re staring at the ceiling.

Your thoughts are running at high speed.

And you know you’ll feel tired and cranky the next morning.

It’s an ongoing cycle that it’s tough to break.

I hear you.

More often, sleeplessness is triggered by a combination of factors.


Psychological issues eg. Depression.


Well, here’s the thing. Nothing promises poor health like a lack of sleep.

You can eat all the broccoli in the world but it’s still your night time sleep that can make or break you.

Research here and here has shown that poor sleep is linked to negative effects on hormones leptin and ghrelin, thereby increasing hunger and cravings inappropriately, leading to weight gain.

So, if you’re trying to lose weight, getting quality sleep is so important.

Here are 5 Action Plans that you can do right away for some snooze!

  1. Power down tech
    Computer, iphone, ipad whatever gadgets you’ve got – Turn it off or put to flight mode before bed. Give your poor, over-worked brain wind the heck down and switch to rest and digest mode. I’ve a nagging worry that people can’t reach me in case of emergencies, so I’ve never had the habit of switching off my phone. Until recently my friend showed me the use of flight mode! And I could easily switch it on with a swipe of finger. Besides, it saves battery life!
  2. Lullaby
    Turn on some soothing music: So calming & dreamy.
  3. Get it all out, baby
    If you’re still wide awake on the bed, tossing and turning, try this- journaling your thoughts and emotions out to clear the mind. Guided meditation works for some people (I recommend Headspace) or a simple breathing exercise: 4 deep breaths in and 4 breaths out, very slowly – I do this everyday.
  4. Go easy on caffeine
    Caffeine is the drug of choice since it gives a surge in energy immediately, especially for busy mamas and working people. Anything caffeinated after lunch can keep you from sleeping soundly. Night time nibbling will also keep you counting sheep into the early hours, so plan your last meal in advance. I usually have don’t eat anything after dinner. Keep to one cuppa in the morning, choose decaf or herbal tea. I’m drinking chamomile tea as we speak.
  5. Soothing smell
    Using aromatherapy burner or diffuser- I personally love lathering body lotion customized with lavender essential oil. Aaahhh.. it signals the body to rest and it’s time for bed. Do some stretches. Lights out.
    So, how’s your daily sleep patterns like? Do you have other top tips to ensure you get a good night’s rest?

With love & restful nights,

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