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:: Homemade Almond Milk ::

16 Aug :: Homemade Almond Milk ::

Are you sensitive to dairy milk? 

Or perhaps you’re searching for good alternatives to milk because you know conventional cow’s milk are often laced with antibiotics, growth hormones (if you’re thinking if bones gets brittle as a result of not drinking milk. Not true anymore! Read here

Good news! There’s such a thing as DAIRY-FREE milk.

When I finally made this for the first time, I vowed not to spend on the store-bought kind anymore.

Not to mention, it’s expensive, contains additives and preservatives. 

So, it does take some time to make this, specifically for almond milk. But if you want an easier option, make cashew milk! Cashews are softer in texture, easier to blend, no straining or soaking overnight required. Steps are exactly like almond milk minus the straining. 

Alright, let’s get started, shall we?

This is how I make my Homemade Almond Milk – creamy, wholesome, dairy-free and 100% natural.




Step 1 SOAK

Soak one cup of raw, unsalted almonds overnight. This helps to soften the almonds when blending and removes anti-nutrients.


Step 2 DRAIN

Drain off the overnight water and rinse almonds twice. Place almonds, 2 cups of water and sweetener of your choice in a high speed blender ( I use dates/liquid stevia)


Step 3 BLEND

Blend these babies up!


You’ll notice that there’ll still be a lot of pulp. Use a strainer to sieve it out like this to get silky smooth milk consistency.



Transfer milk in a clean, air-tight container and place it in the fridge. Lasts for 3 days up till a week.


That’s it! Use whatever utensils you’ve at home. 

For instance, most recipes call for a nut milk bag and if you don’t have one like me, you can always use a strainer instead. 

I’m curious to know – Have you tried any nut milks (ie cashew milk, quinoa milk, oat milk, rice milk) before? Which is your favourite?

Loveeee drinking almond milk, ESPECIALLY when it’s WARM!



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