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veronica toh
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Green is the New Black

13 Feb Green is the New Black

If an apple a day  keeps the doctor away,

Eating green leafy veggies everyday will do even more for your health.


You know that it makes a world of difference for your energy, immune system and just overall sensation of feel-good confidence with good health.

But if you’re like me,

Knowing is one thing, doing is another different matter. 

We all have this problem.

When I started eating healthier, I thought I was already ‘eating healthy’ like avoiding salty and fatty food.

Man, I was wrong.

It wasn’t an easy journey because my tastebuds were heavily ‘seasoned’ after all those years of eating out.

Aside from cauliflower and broccoli, I dread veggies because they taste like grass.

Do you feel the same way?

So how do you find ways to ‘going green’?

To save you some trouble, I’m dishing you three tips!


#1 Salad :: Chop into smaller pieces


It’s just so much easier to eat that way! Because I think that we’re all babies at heart. Tiny portions don’t look as overwhelming as compared to eating huge chunks of broccoli. So, chop chop chop away.

#2 Cooked veggies: Steam 


Prefer cooked foods? Simply steam veggies and then drizzle with your choice of healthy oil  (coconut oil, macadamia oil etc ). Season to taste with black pepper and balsamic vinegar. Easy peasy.

#3 Green smoothie: Start with spinach


Perfect ones to use for beginners. Taste is milder than kale and blends easily with fruits. Check out this super easy recipe only-2 basic ingredients. This is how I started.


Stay healthy, warriors!

And remember – we’re all about progress over perfection.


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