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Follow This Greatest Habit to Change Your Eating Pattern

24 Apr Follow This Greatest Habit to Change Your Eating Pattern

You’re planning to eat lunch at your favourite place.

You know exactly what you ate yesterday morning – coffee with toast.

You’re thinking about the delicious char kuey teow you ate last Tuesday for dinner.

What about 2 weeks ago? A month ago? – Can you remember?

If you’re are like me, I’m worst off. At times, I can’t even remember what I ate the day before!

Yes, it was that bad!

And that is why after cultivating this underrated habit, I don’t have to rely on memory as it feels autopilot.

Let me tell you a secret- I didn’t believe in this at first, because I thought I’d remember what I ate if I think long and hard enough.

Like all habits, it was difficult at first ( forgetting, finding it troublesome) but overtime, it got easier & easier.

Just keep going, even if you forgot a day or two. The key is consistency, not perfection.

The best part?

I could really see my own eating patterns overtime and I realised I was lying to myself, ‘Thinking I was eating healthy’ all these while.

Why does this work incredibly well?

It gives you a bird’s eye view of what you’re actually eating and to identify areas of stress-eating. More importantly, it keeps you focused and poke awareness of your eating pattern.

Because change happens only if you’re aware about it.

Trust me. This will amaze you.

It is something that I do with my paying clients.

Welcome to the world of Food Journal.

Get access to your food journal here!

How to use?

Keep it simple. For instance, you could write:

Breakfast: 1 bowl of oatmeal with honey + coffee

Lunch: Chicken sandwich: lettuce, tomato + mushroom soup

Dinner: Curry laksa: beehoon, 4 fishballs, beansprout

Snack: 1 bar of chocolate, ice cream

If you want to go further, add in measurements and the time you eat (especially if eating time is erratic), otherwise stick to the basic.


-Jot it down into the food journal or keep a small notebook as you eat them. Stat. Not later because chances are you’ll get busy, forget about something and leave out even a small snack or treat.

-Find it too cumbersome? Here’s another way –Whip up your phone and tap on notes section to record the following: Date, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks (if any)

Don’t worry about changing your food. For now, just notice it.

Keep track for 1-2 weeks.

If you like, show me your diary and get some insights to how these food are serving you day to day.

This habit was a big revelation for me. Can’t wait to hear from you!

You can download the template here.

So don’t just think about your answers, ok? Write it down. Because something truly magical happens when you pen words on the paper.

You’ve got your roadmap – now all you need to do is follow it.

Your A-HA moments awaits.



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