COCONUT OIL - The Worst or the Best Oil? - Veronica Toh
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COCONUT OIL – The Worst or the Best Oil?

16 Feb COCONUT OIL – The Worst or the Best Oil?

Guess what’s the fattest organ in our body?


It’s made up of at least 60% fat. Holy smokes!

Contrary to most of all the health marketing from last few decades, fat does not make us fat.

One of the biggest mistakes the food industry made was to label fat as bad.

We need fat because they’re essential to the health of our central nervous system and the brain, of course.

So, today we’re diving into one of power superfoods: Coconut

(Reminds me of lovebirds running around coconut tree in tamil movies. Love it!)

Coconut oil, unfortunately has received a bad rep for ages.

And I fell to that perspective too.

I once complimented a friend who looked radiant every time we meet and he revealed his secret- he consumes coconut oil every single day.

Did I hear that correctly?

Him. Having heart problems. Heart bypass. Eating oil?

It totally went against what I’d learnt in school that coconut oil contains saturated fats. Saturated fats are bad for health. Raises your cholesterol. Avoid. Period.

So here’s a summary of research that I’ve done:

Let’s play: TRUE or FALSE?


I like heaping 2 spoonfuls of cold-pressed coconut oil into my morning smoothie.

It gives that nutty flavour, throwing me back to the moment of enjoying the breeze in Krabi while sipping on my coconut water.

Ready to add more of this powerhouse coconut oil in your diet?

I highly encourage you to experiment!

With Coco-Love,

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