Can Fruits Weaken Your Teeth? - Veronica Toh
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Can Fruits Weaken Your Teeth?

09 Oct Can Fruits Weaken Your Teeth?

My customer threw me off guard with that question last week.

That was quite an anomaly.

Because I’m no dentist.

Rather I usually get questions like – What’s the best calcium brand do you recommend for healthy bones and teeth? 

When probed further, the customer had actual concerns of dental erosion.

While I don’t have any supporting evidence but drawing on common sense, I shared what I knew –

Not all fruits but certainly fruits like citrus ones for instance lemon, orange because they are acidic in nature.

As a result, the surface of the tooth is softened by acids from food and drinks.

Dental erosion is not uncommon both in healthy and of course, unhealthy foods like fizzy Coke, Sprite, Pepsi (should it be even called FOOD?!), sour gummies, candies etc.


Should we AVOID eating citrus fruits all together?

Of course, NOT!

The benefit of eating fruits outweighs a whole lot more than the risk of dental erosion, which can be minimised.

So, how do we protect our teeth?

Here are 3 Practical Tips:


#1 Use a straw – If you’re drinking lemon water, fruit juices and really don’t advocate this but if you drink soft drinks, please drink with a straw to reduce contact with teeth.

#2 Rinse your mouth after eating sour food – Swish or sip water to wash it out from your mouth and to neutralize acid. I do this religiously every time I finish my favourite kiwi!


#3 Brush your teeth one hour later – Not immediately after eating because you don’t want to cause further mechanical damage by brushing on the softened enamel.


Do you have other tips for protecting your teeth? Let me know!



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