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:: Berry Porridge Breakfast ::

28 Aug :: Berry Porridge Breakfast ::

I’m so used to my daily greens in the mornings, however on special occasions, I like changing things up.

Not all my recipes involve greens, you know =P

Like this dairy-free Berry Porridge! Keeping it fresh and simple. 

While other recipes call for milk and oats, I used soy yoghurt as an alternative, threw in some fresh fruits, a sprinkle of oats and ready to eat in seconds.

Made this delectable bowl for my birthday breakfast (last Friday, weeeeee!) while reflecting on my thirty one years on earth- the struggles, the joys, the heartaches and the laughters. 

Thank you all for the wonderful well wishes, my friends! =D 

But here’s the most important part.

I realised that maturity comes with experience.

That’s why I’m loving this advice by Haemin Sunim –

When someone swears at you, stay calm and collected for thirty seconds. Then, that is the end of it. But if you fight back and demand, “What is your problem?” you’ll have to spend more time with that unhappy person.

It’s so much easier to respond impulsively, right?

Meanwhile, enjoy this all natural Sweet Birthday recipe while staying calm (& sane) in a seemingly noisy world!

Berry Porridge (Dairy-free)
Recipe type: Breakfast
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
Easy, delectable morning breakfast
  • 1 cup of soy yoghurt
  • ½ tsp acai powder
  • 1 tbsp oats/granola
  • 1 tbsp of nuts & seeds
  • Strawberries, chopped
  1. Blend yoghurt, acai powder and strawberries
  2. Place the blend in a bowl and decorate with fresh fruits, nuts, granola and oats.
  3. Go creative!


With so much Tuesday love,







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