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Are You Full of SH**?

29 Feb Are You Full of SH**?

You hear me right.

Unglamorous topic ever, but super important.

Let’s talk- Poop.

If your internal plumbing is clogged, your health will be suffering, you’ll hold onto excess weight, not to mention foods that are not properly digested will ferment in the intestinal and produce toxic by-product that are absorbed back into the body.


Yes, its your job to make sure that they exit your body.

Many people have problems with constipation and don’t even realise it. I was in that category.

I thought it was normal to go to the bathroom every two or three days. That’s how it’s been my whole life.

Until I changed the way that I ate, particularly drilling down on sugary, refined foods (see here) and replacing with a lot of whole fresh, fibre- and enzyme-rich vegetables, fruits and good fats such as avocado and olive oil.

I had gone every single day, for the first time, my morning energy level is greater and the brain fog lifted. The feeling was amazing! I had no idea that this was what normal supposed to feel like!

Ideally, poop at least once a day (or more) and should pass out easily -soft and smooth (think toothpaste) without any constraints or pain. Otherwise, you risk having haemorrhoids.

Aside from the old adage of drinking enough water and fibre to clean out bowels and flush the kidneys, here’s 3 other TIPS for tiptop digestion:

Stressed asian at work

#1 Stress

Nothing new that stress ravages your health.  In today’s lifestyle, the body is always tuned to the sympathetic nervous system, which helps body deal with the stress, supplying blood to the brain and muscles so that we can react quickly. When this happens, parasympathetic nervous system shuts down.  If we want to activate the digestive system, we need to tune into the parasympathetic system, responsible for digestion, absorption of nutrients, stimulating repair of damages tissues, basically a reparative system. If you’re constantly under stress, your energy will be diverted away from your gut.

Tip:  Start eating in a relaxed environment. If this is not feasible, take in 3-5 deep breaths before you dig into your food (Don’t underestimate this as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system similar to what we do a lot of breathing in yoga). Chew your food! I’m guilty of ‘inhaling’ my food in the past. I’ve to consciously remind myself to chew 20-30 times before swallowing.

Ready-To-Eat-Grilled-Fish-And-Cooked-Potato-With-Salad-000071155467_Small (1)

#2 Water

Drinking water with your food will dilute the gastric juices and slow down the digestion. Have you noticed that if you drink while eating, you feel bloated most of the time and really fast? My bro and I have been brought up in a way when we were eating out, we don’t order any drinks. I’ve always wondered why especially if you look around other tables, people have fancy fizzy drinks like Fanta and Coke. We didn’t question that but I know why now. I thank her for cultivating the good habit – No drinking while eating. Oh did I mention, this saves money too!

Tip: Best time to drink water is 30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after meals. If you must drink, sip on herbal tea such as warm peppermint, ginger tea to provide relief from digestive discomfort.

Fruit cutting

#3 Eat fruit on its own

This is really individual but found that it works for me. Fruit digests the fastest and can be in and out of body in 30 minutes. If you eat with or after something that takes longer to digest, it will sit in your system with time and takes longer for it to digest creating indigestion. With the exception of two fruits: papaya and pineapple because they are loaded with live enzymes papain and bromelain that help to digest protein.

Which of these resonate with you? And what other  tips do you have for better and efficient digestion?

Love to hear your comments or suggestions!


To healthy poop-ing moments,

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