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veronica toh
veronica toh
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Fun Facts

Keeping it simple and random
  1. 1 My bro and I name our tortoise: Tor-tise and our cat Mew-mew. Yes, we're creative like that!
  2. 2 I've a serious addiction for coloured pens. I take them wherever I go. Life is beyond black and blue pens, so I'm colouring my life beautiful. OOooo.. Did I mention I love sparkly stuff?
  3. 3 Not many people know this... I dreamt of becoming a psychologist when I was 9 years old after watching a hugely popular TVB drama series. Although that didn't happen, I'm now in a place where I feel so privileged when people pour their woes because they trust me enough to do so.
  4. 4 I slather a thick layer of cream infused with essential oil (hello Lavender!) before I go to bed. Must. Do.Makes me feel luxuriously enveloped with all the goodness and call it a day. Aaahhh......
  5. 5 Coming from a background of little physical activity except for running, I felt that the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course was the hardest form of training I've ever had! And like they say, sometimes the hardest or lowest point is when you've a breakthrough. Who says yoga was easy? Want a trial? Go here
  6. 6 I love life in every way. I wake up in the morning and I'm so happy to see that Ray of Light peeking through my window. My days aren't perfect but this is how that always begin and I'm grateful for a new life.
  7. 7 LOVE all things berries- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries! And my heart sank deep upon discovering that berries are blacklisted on the EWG's dirty dozen list of the most contaminated produce. So stop eating berries altogether? No way! What do I do? I've been more conscious of buying organic produce especially for berries to reduce the risk of pesticide exposure.Then, do I buy all organics? No, because it would be lunatic costly. I would not spend on buying organic avocado.Use this guide when you shop!

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