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veronica toh
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3 Ways to Save Money on Food

12 May 3 Ways to Save Money on Food

I won’t deny.

Eating healthy can be expensive.

You walk into a salad shop and fork out money on that bowl of veggies that cost more than a plate of chicken rice.

How can that be? Veggies are supposed to be cheap!

It FRUSTRATES me a lot *$!!@?x*

And it’s not as if they are organic. 

So, how do you expect to eat healthy when it burns a hole in your pocket?


Even if you complain how costly healthy food is, I believe it is justifiable to some extent because you’re putting good fuel in your body.

It’s expensive because you’re buying ‘convenience’. You’re paying someone else to prepare your food.

So how do you scale back?

Here are TOP 3 MONEY SAVING tips I’ve used over my working years in Singapore (especially for singles and #3 is my fav) –


#1 Substitute

Source from medium.com

For a period of time, I was on a really, really tight budget and the cheapest mixed rice of 1 meat + 2 veggies would cost me anything from $3 above. My budget for a meal was less than that. So I walked over to the stall below the flat and then I had an idea – let’s go vegetarian. I substituted fish/chicken with tofu/egg/beans and ordered two other veggies as usual. Guess how much it cost me?  $2.70. What about ordering 3 side dishes with no rice (prepared at home)? $2.10. That experience was a significant lesson because 1) it encouraged me to go meat-free  2) I get to save money. Yay! #fistpump See another unexpected idea here. 


#2 Creative Leftovers 

Especially if you’re working in the CBD, eating out can cost you anywhere $10 and above per meal. Ouch! Not saying that you should never dine out, just limit your visits because those restaurants bills add up. What about taking a peak at your fridge or pantry? I bet you’ve heaps of goodies in there (carrots, broccoli, kai lan, bananas, oranges – you name it!) that can serve at least 1 meal. Clear out space and save money in the process. Turn those unconsumed food into new dish instead of throwing them away (unless they are genuinely spoilt). I’ve been brought up in a family where no food should go to waste otherwise it’ll be a long lecture on the African children. You know the story, right? So, get creative with leftovers like freezing overripe banana and blending it with going-to-wilt leafy greens into a delectable smoothie like this or this.


#3 Batch Cooking

Source from Pinterest

Double up your recipe! I love this tip so much (I do this for green smoothies) because it saves me precious TIME. This is a brilliant life hack – Wouldn’t you love a cook-free day too? Cook once and you’ve got breakfast/lunch/dinner served for the next two days. Also, planning your meals in line with grocery’s weekly ads will help you save even more money too!

So, these are my foundations in working towards budget eating – What about you? What other tips and tricks on healthy food budgeting have you used and find it less damaging on your wallet?

Of course, there are so much more money savings tips like buying in bulk on sale, online shopping, DIY rather than store-bought nut milk which I’ll cover next time. 

So, yes! You CAN save money while eating healthy.

In time you’ll look at your balance sheet and be thankful for the extra cash that you’ve saved up for that trip, anniversary dinner or Universal Studio tickets to celebrate!





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