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3 Tips to Smackdown ‘Itchy Mouth’ Syndrome

14 Nov 3 Tips to Smackdown ‘Itchy Mouth’ Syndrome

You’re happily nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie.

man offering chocolate chip cookies stacked on a white plate, concept of temptation of sweets, unhealthy eating, on light grey background.

And a few hours later, the bubble pops –

Oh great! You’ve busted your intention of healthy eating.

What happened?

This is what I call the itchy mouth* syndrome that all of us struggle at one point.

* colloquially referring to food cravings, direct translation from Mandarin

Night time cravings are the worst for me and you’ll find me snacking on potato chips, biscuits and cup noodles.

Ummm… not the idea of healthy, eh?

I’ve been through a long way since and I’d want to share my very own tips to ease these cravings.

But first, let’s understand-



Young dieting woman with hands tied with measurement tape sitting in front of tart cake, got caught while trying to reach it and take a bite, studio, gray background, isolated

Let’s just put habits aside first. Because we know that part of cravings is linked to emotions, like being stressed.

There’s ANOTHER real reason why you’re craving.

You crave EVEN after finishing a meal is because you didn’t eat enough nutrients to fuel our body.

How is that possible when you genuinely felt full after eating?

That’s the carbs.

Yes, you feel full at that moment BUT what happens an hour later?

Your blood sugar dips and you’re scrambling for a snack to bring your blood sugar level up again.

Can you see that you’re actually going through a blood sugar rollercoaster in your body?

So, today I want to share with you personal tips that really helped me cope with cravings.

3 SIMPLE strategies to smack down ‘itchy mouth’ syndrome


1. Eat more protein and fat during your meal.


I’m serious.

Recall your last meal and chances are you’ve more carbs portion on your plate than your protein and healthy fats.

No wonder you’re hungry because your body is literally hungry for missing macronutrients.

Did you know –  protein and fat helps you feel fuller for longer?

And if you MUST have a snack, follow the next tip.


2. Reach for a nutrient-densed snack

Ditch the potato chips and sugar-laden chocolate forPreview

High quality dark chocolate (>60% cocoa)

Nuts and seeds (bring along in a ziplock bag!)

Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries + greek yoghurt

Green smoothie 

Chia pudding

And my favourite all time ‘snack’ whenever I miss the hand to mouth feel –

Drink herbal tea

Tea time

Numi and Rishi are my current favourite brands and this is why,

Organic tea (no nasty pesticide), no ‘natural flavours’ or ‘artificial flavours’ (if they are so good on its own, why do you need additives like this?), no ‘plastic mesh bags’ (plastics.. need I say more?)


3. Do something FUN

Break the monotone, shake things up!

Step outside for a stroll or a different room, call a friend, put on music and dance it out.

For me, I’ve committed to do a 1-minute planking challenge in the office.

Fit girl in plank position on mat at home in the living room exercise for back spine and posture Concept pilates fitness sport

This strategy works so well for me because I’ll get distracted and actually forget about the cravings.

Plus it’s daily strength training and all of us definitely have a minute per day.

I find this an awesome strategy plus I call it a challenge so it’s like a fun competition for myself, what do you think?

Killing two birds with a stone. Heehee.

Space constraints or embarrassed doing in the public?

Excuse yourself to the toilet and do jumping jacks or a quick low lunge stretch if space permits.

Look, I know it’s not easy to combat cravings, but you know it’s for the better.

It’s time to execute a good strategy to smack down those ‘itchy mouth’ moments.


And I guarantee you that even if you do just one of the above, you’ll not see yourself diving head on to cheap snacks.

Your body deserves better fuel.

So, which strategy will you start experimenting today?



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