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3 Simple Morning Routine under 5 mins

03 Jan 3 Simple Morning Routine under 5 mins

Hello 2017!

Today I woke up with the biggest smile on my face.

Because it’s like starting on a new slate.

A fresh page. A new beginning.

Although I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, I usually feel highly motivated to start ( or re-start) new habits at this time of the year.

Do you?

If you’ve slacked off, promise me that you don’t beat yourself okay?

Because it’s not about being perfect. It’s about PROGRESS!

And I want to share with you the ONE thing that I started two years ago (which I’ve never quite believe it then) that made the difference in my life and health.

It’s not a book, supplement or green smoothie (although the latter is my favourite go-to breakfast, as you know it)

And I’m hoping you’ll implement it starting today, like I did.

Let’s roll…


Drink water upon waking :: 0.5 min

My previous routine was always heading first to the washroom to brush teeth, sit down for breakfast and the first liquid in mouth was Milo.

Now, it’s the reverse! Thermos is ready beside the bed for me to pour out warm water to drink the first thing upon waking. Room temperature tastes flat and I don’t like drinking cold water in the morning.

Some people like squeezing fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar. Do whatever feels good to you but importantly you down that water to flush away toxins and re-hydrate your body. If you’re drinking coffee as the first liquid, it will de-hydrate you, so think again. Push it back to when you arrive at the office.


Move :: 3 min

Everybody knows that exercise has phenomenal benefits. Sadly, I’m not one of those people who is motivated to work out in the morning. Are you like that too? I’d always choose beauty sleep. This is the classic – Knowing is different from doing.

So, how do we execute this routine on a consistent basis? Now, this is my fun and also embarrassing trick – do this by creating minimum quota, for instance telling yourself to do just one plank, one squat or one sun salutation.

Eventually, you’ll be doing more than initially planned! The point is to just get started with the process. This is my most favourite life hack and it works like a charm!


Reflection :: 1 min

Prayer and gratitude is something I do before I hit the sack every night, usually involves talking to myself. Until stumbled upon The Five-Minute Journal  by Alex Ikonn and UJ Ramdas, it’s a game changer because I started journaling! I do better with prompts and now I write both morning and night consistently.

Combining morning rush WITH journaling, I created my own 1-Minute thank you journal. The structure and layout is similar to the original but the time frame of 1 minute of writing is much more practical for me at this stage of my life.

Great way to develop and force positive way of thinking. Something that I find incredibly important to constantly build amidst inevitable negative vibes in our lives.

I hope this helps you to create a healthy morning routine.

Even if you do any one of the above, that’s good enough.

Your turn – What morning routine do you have in place to set yourself up before the daily distractions of life come in?

What change will you make this year to prioritize your health each day?



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